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Our Story


Here at Wellthy, we live and breathe this question –

it inspires and motivates us every day.

There are some basic facts about women and money that are well recognised: lower than average incomes, broken work patterns usually due to family reasons, as well as lower super balances and longer life expectancy.


Overall women tend to be less confident in their ability to manage money. They are less comfortable with their financial situations and they’re more conservative in managing and growing their wealth. The majority of women find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming.

Dealing with Money is Stressful and Overwhelming0%
Feel Uncomfortable Thinking About Financial Future0%
Have Savings of Less than 2 Months Income0%
Will Retire without Enough Savings for Comfortable Lifestyle0%


Our aim is to empower women with the mindset, skills and confidence to better manage their relationship with money,
reduce financial stress and create happier, healthier and wealthier lives.


Our financial capability and education programs aren’t only for women,
We offer ‘money mindset’ and financial well-being programs that are gender-neutral.  And of course, our online programmes are open to all.

However, our social mission is to close the gender gap when it comes to financial well-being, Wellthy works with community organisations and provides scholarships to its programs to enable more women to participate.


If you share our passion for empowering women’s financial well-being,

please visit our support page to find out how you can help.

Article in The Age 270616

Learning about money doesn’t have to be boring!

Many women (and men) don’t engage with traditional financial literacy programs, because they see them as dry and boring, or irrelevant.


Wellthy takes a different approach. We combine the principles of mindfulness and wellness to learning about money. Our programmes focus on beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and how our relationship with money affects our lives.


We love running sessions on financial well-being at yoga and health retreats!

Wealth + Wellbeing = WELLTH

Company Founders

The Wellthy founders are extremely fortunate to have a support team that believe in our mission of empowering women’s financial education.

This wonderful group of independent freelancers and business men & women have gone above and beyond in helping us to bring the Wellthy vision to life!


Lea is a yoga teacher, permaculture enthusiast and writer / speaker. Lea is also a registered financial planner, winner of multiple industry awards and member of the Inspire committee for the Association of Financial Advisers.

Lea Schodel


Alison is a keen traveller and social entrepreneur, and has been part of a monthly investment club for more than 15 years. Alison's former corporate life was as a senior manager and team leader with a major Queensland infrastructure provider.

Alison Gray

Business Development
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