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Financial Wellness Speaking and Workshops


To find flow with money and reduce financial stress, it’s essential that we match what we think about money (our thoughts and beliefs) with how we feel about money (our emotions) and what we do with our money.


Wellthy blends practical tips and actions into our unique presentations and workshops that focus heavily on thoughts, beliefs and attitudes about money.  It’s our view that the path to financial well-being lies in aligning mindset with actions, and making learning about money fun, not boring!


Once you’ve engaged Lea or Alison, relax and enjoy their fresh approach to finance – designed to inspire and encourage a shift in thinking in an engaging and entertaining way.


(Speaker Bio)

Money Coach, Yoga Teacher, Licenced Financial Planner.



(Speaker Bio)

Money Coach, Mentor and Former Business Executive.

Money Coach Alison Gray


Lea and Alison are committed to making their sessions interesting, relevant and relatable for the audiences they are working with. You can also talk to us about tailoring a presentation or workshop to suit the event theme or goals of your group.


These are our 4 most popular sessions:

Discover Your Money Personality

In this highly-interactive facilitated workshop, participants discover their individual money personality by playing a card game. While it’s fun and easy to play for all ages and education levels, the game tackles serious issues. Approximately 90% of our behaviour is habitual. So it’s no surprise that building effective financial habits are key to having a healthy relationship with money and living the life we want. The card game we play in this workshop creates a relaxed non-judgemental environment for people to talk about their money habits, and learn simple strategies to increase personal effectiveness with money. 'Discover your Money Personality' workshops can be run for between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on time available (90 minutes is ideal for the game, self-reflection and good conversations about insights). It is suitable for groups of 6-25 people; larger groups may also be possible with multiple facilitators.

Financial Self-Care

It's time to develop a self-care plan about money! Many times financial well-being is the forgotten element when we are looking after our physical and mental health and well-being. In this self-reflective and interactive session, we encourage participants to discuss and identify what they most need to do to be kinder to themselves and look after their long-term financial health.

Find Your Flow With Money

Find Your Flow is an engaging presentation about financial well-being, mindfulness and creating a healthy relationship with money. It includes a short money meditation, as well as an outline of actionable steps to help participants find flow with money. This keynote / small group presentation is most suited to female audiences. We get great feedback about the way this talk engages with women about money in a non-traditional way.

Peace of Money - Addressing Financial Stress

Money is often a taboo topic in our society, but 49% of Australians say it is the leading cause of stress in their lives. Our 'Peace of Money' presentation explores the concept of financial well-being, highlights the latest findings around financial stress and resilience, as well as identifying some practical strategies to create a pathway to a better financial future. We can tailor this talk to a professional audience for conferences or seminars or for an employee or member audience interested in their personal financial situation.

Other Potential Speaking Topics

Available as 30-90 minute keynotes / short talks, or can be customised to suit your group.

For example, ‘Lessons from the Mat’ can be delivered as part of a physical yoga class.

We are also available for panel discussions, podcasts and online video collaborations.  Please contact us to discuss.

Women's Wealth and Well-being

The link between our relationship with money and a woman's sense of worth, happiness, health and well-being.

Lessons from the Mat

What we can learn from the 5000 year old yogic philosophy when it comes to managing ourselves and our money.

Money Mindset and Personality

Is your money mindset supporting or undermining your wealth and how do you manage your money personality to create abundance.

Whose dream are you chasing?

A look at money, wealth, happiness and success and how to take control and live the life you imagine.

Connecting to your Future Self

The science behind connecting to your vision for your future financial self. Simple steps to help you turn your future goals and dreams into reality.

The Power of Social Enterprise

Lessons from our experience as a social enterprise - the benefits and challenges of using business as a force for good to create social impact and change.

The Path to Wealth Wellness

The 6 steps in creating wealth and abundance and reducing financial stress.

The energy of money

Understanding what money is and how to connect with it and use it to support your well-being.

Women Empowering Women

Insights into how we can nurture, support and celebrate women, empowering them in business, leadership and life.

Out of the Box

Sharing our personal stories about career transitions, shaking up an old industry with a new perspective and creating a unique business that stands out from the crowd!

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